ORION™ V2 Gearbox Shell AR15 Specna Arms EDGE™ relvale
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ORION™ V2 Gearbox Shell AR15 Specna Arms EDGE™ relvale

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ORION™ V2 Gearbox Shell for AR15 Specna Arms EDGE™ Replicas (without bearing)

Made out of metal, durable V2 gearbox frame in the ORION ™ standard, dedicated to AR15 carbine replicas. The frame accommodates the ESA ™ quick spring change system and 8mm diameter bearings.

The Original Spare Parts range of products includes a wide selection of both internal and external spare parts for Specna Arms replicas. These are exactly the same, high-quality parts that were used in the production of Specna Arms replicas. Original Spare Parts products will be useful to current owners, future users and service technicians of Specna Arms replicas.

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