Helikon Ranger kompass Mk2, hall
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Helikon Ranger kompass Mk2, hall

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Tellimisel - Tarneaeg kuni 15 tööpäeva
new_releases Tellimisel - Tarneaeg kuni 15 tööpäeva
Turvaline ostukoht
14-päevane tagastusvõimalus peale kauba kättesaamist
alumiiniumsulam/ akrüül & ABS

Kaal: 0.105 kg

Proper navigation equipment in the field is the piece of gear that is crucial to your survival. When modern technology fail, there is nothing more reliable then a classic lensatic (prismatic) compass. The RANGER MK2 compass is one of the most classic, yet almost bombproof navigation devices on known to all of us. The plastic construction is lightweight yet durable, so it won't fail you. On the sides you have two types of scales: 1:25000 and 1:50000. To make it even more reliable, especially during night activities, the compass is equipped with phosphorescent parts. Lensatic (prismatic) compass Durable plastic construction 2 scales 1:25000, 1:50000 Phosphorescent parts

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