Basic Nature kruus, 375ml, titaanium
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Basic Nature kruus, 375ml, titaanium

34,95 € Maksudega

28,65 € Maksudeta

Tellimisel - Tarneaeg kuni 15 tööpäeva
new_releases Tellimisel - Tarneaeg kuni 15 TÖÖPÄEVA
Turvaline ostukoht
14-päevane tagastusvõimalus peale kauba kättesaamist

Kaal 59 g

Ø 8 x 9 cm

Paksus 0,4 mm

Extremely sturdy and corrosion-resistant titanium beaker. The lightweight beaker can be packed easy by the compact folding handles. The beaker with content marking in ml and oz can also be used as a cooking beaker. The content marking helps to fill the desired amount of water for a ready meal. Ideal for hikers and backpackers who attention is the pack size and weight.

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