Helikon püksid Urban Tactical Pants UTP, Polycotton Canvas, Coyote
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Helikon püksid Urban Tactical Pants UTP, Polycotton Canvas, Coyote

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74,90 € Maksudega

62,42 € Maksudeta

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Turvaline ostukoht
14-päevane tagastusvõimalus peale kauba kättesaamist


- Elastiline vööosa koos takjakinnitusega
- 50 mm laiad vöö aasad
- Kaks aasa D-aasa või karabiinide jaoks
- Klassikaline teksaste stiilis vöö osa, mis takistab pükste alla vajumise
- Kaks klassikalist esitaskut koos tugevdatud äärtega
- Kaks laia tagataskut
- Kaks peenikest taskut taga, sügavus reguleeritav
- Kaks (cargo)taskut puusadel koos YKK lukuga
- Kaks taskut ees, takjakinnitusega suletavad
- Võimalik lisada põlvekaitsmed
- YKK® püksilukk

58% Puuvill, 40% Polüester, 2% Elastaan

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Some products have a kind of cult following. For each manufacturer facing a crowd of satisfied clients is not only enormous joy, but also confirmation that the product is right.

What makes Urban Tactical Pants® so special? The cut and pockets layout employed in these pants maintain civilian enough outlook to retain anonymity, while retaining full functionality of combat pants, capable of supporting tactical essentials – at the same time not colliding with human anatomy. Elastic Velcro-closed belt allows easy adjustment. Wide belt loops allow as wide as 50 mm belt, including all HTX tactical belts: EDC, UTL® or Cobras®. Plus the cut employed, classical for blue jeans, reduced the tendency to ride down while in use.

By judicious layout of the pockets, equipment can be placed close to the center mass, around the hips and waist. Front and rear pockets edges are reinforced to withstand constant movement of light or knife clips. Two Velcro-closed front pockets are big enough to carry a smartphone – or even an AR/AK rifle magazine. Thigh zippered pockets look flat – but its design allows pouches or wallets to be carried with ease. Bespoke internal pockets await being filled with Low Profile Protective Pads®. Three types of fabric plus wide variety of colors allows to match trousers to the rest of wardrobe or working conditions

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