UT X-Shield FAST BJ Taktikaline kiiver, replica, oliivroheline
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UT X-Shield FAST BJ Taktikaline kiiver, replica, oliivroheline

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X-Shield FAST BJ helmet replica

The latest line of X-Shield helmets meets all airsofters looking for good quality equipment that will work on the airsoft battlefield without burdening the wallet to a large extent. The price/quality parameter in the case of X-Shield helmets is a factor that distinguishes them from the crowd.

The helmet shell is made of durable plastic, thanks to which the structure is durable and lightweight at the same time. An undoubted advantage of the helmet is the large adjustment possibilities and adjustment to the user's head. This is helped by a set of modular cushions made of hard plastic and soft foam, which can be freely arranged inside the helmet thanks to Velcro. A wide range of adjustment also has a 4-point fascia with a soft chin section, fastened with a fastex buckle. An additional advantage of the lining is the fact that it was made in a closed system, i.e. it does not have loose, protruding adjusting straps. The circuit is adjusted using a convenient knob located at the back of the helmet.

Like many other helmets based on the FAST construction, the X-Shield is also equipped with a set of side mounting rails that allow you to attach a whole range of additional equipment such as goggles, tactical lighting, headsets, etc. On the forehead of the helmet there is a plastic assembly and guy lines that allow the installation of NVG systems. A rich set of modular mounts and clips has been included in the kit.

The flare factor will certainly help to raise the soft velcro panels placed on the helmet, allowing the attachment of morale-patches, markings, e-lite tags, etc. The shell of the BJ type helmet has additional openings that improve ventilation and slightly reduce the weight.

The set includes:

- a set of pillows

- Wing-Loc adapter

- RIS 22mm mounting rail

- 2 x clips for mounting 19mm goggles

- 2 x swivel clip for mounting 19mm goggles

- 2 x swivel clip for mounting 35mm goggles

- 2 x adapter for mounting swivel clips

- adapter for mounting NVG