Vargo EDC vee pudel, titaanium
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Vargo EDC vee pudel, titaanium

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Tellimisel - Tarneaeg kuni 15 tööpäeva
new_releases Tellimisel - Tarneaeg kuni 15 TÖÖPÄEVA
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Turvaline ostukoht
14-päevane tagastusvõimalus peale kauba kättesaamist

Kaal 232 g

Ø 8.4 x 21cm

Silikoonist tihend

Drink safely and confidently everyday with the Titanium EDC Water Bottle. Made from pure grade titanium, it's completely biocompatible so it won't leach any nasty chemicals, corrode, or impart any funky flavors into your water. With durable construction like this, it'll last forever which is better for you and the environment!

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