Vee- ja tuulekindlad tikud, 25tk topsis
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Vee- ja tuulekindlad tikud, 25tk topsis

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14-päevane tagastusvõimalus peale kauba kättesaamist

UUS Iga-ilma tikud. Need ei vea sind alt!

Tikud NATO aksepteeritud. Topsis on 25 tikku ja 3 süütamisala. 

NSN: 9920-99-665-4243

Topsi mõõdud: kõrgus ca 65mm ja läbimõõt ca 45mm

Kogukaal: ca 50g

These All weather matches have extra-long heads to make them safer and easier to light, especially in dark conditions or in bad weather where lighting may become more difficult. They are stronger and more effective than standard matches, able to burn continuously through harsh weather such as strong win and rain.

These Survival Matches are NATO approved and come complete with a waterproof container which contains 25 matches & 3 Striker areas including one that is protected from damp, protected from the elements by the sealed lid

Our Survival Matches are hand-dipped and varnished high-quality matches for a multitude of uses from lighting candles for a romantic meal to keeping a camping trip lit.

NATO approved Hand-dipped and varnished Waterproof container contains 25 matches 3 separate striker areas NSN: 9920-99-665-4243

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